Best school in Vaishali

St. Teresa School has been awarded 3rd best school in Vaishali Ghaziabad by the Times of India School Survey 2021 and 4th best school by Top School India Ranking. With numerous other acclaims, we aim to define what a value-based education should be and how it should be imparted. 


At St. Teresa, our pedagogy is inspired by value, trust and love. Hence, we use a varied, engaging, challenging and inclusive curriculum to impart education and instil a love for learning in our students. 

A strong and warm relationship between the student and teacher is essential to our practices, as it helps to provide the care and attention the students deserve to recognise their talents and needs. 

St. Teresa follows a CBSE-prescribed curriculum and strings core values around it. 

All round development 

Classrooms are meant to develop communication and leadership skills, foster a collaborative spirit, and encourage participation in competitions. But, there is also a space where students learn these skills involuntarily – outside the classrooms.

 Be it music rooms, tinkering labs, study groups, debates and many more other activities that require engagement and participation, extracurricular activities are an integral part of the overall learning at St. Teresa. 

Best school in Vaishali
St. Teresa is the leading CBSE school in Vaishali.


Children need holistic development. Outside the classroom curriculum, sports keep us healthy, and physically fit and teach us discipline and team spirit.

St. Teresa is equipped with State of the art international standard sports infrastructure. It includes a synthetic basketball cum lawn tennis court, two indoor synthetic badminton courts, cricket turf (with bowling machines) and a unique Gun Shooting Range. 

The school employs internationally certified coaches to ensure the best training and guidance. To choose the best schools in ghaziabad get in touch with our admissions staff to know more.


We aspire to create global citizens. Global citizens need to be nurtured in a global environment and facilities. At St. Teresa, our international standard infrastructure enables students to develop the mindset and skills that help them to think like global citizens and prepares them to solve global problems. 

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